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Conditions of Carriage After 7 days purchase or refund the most redeemable website. We are committed to selling high quality products that we hope you enjoy, but we know that there is a reason to have "when you change something or return something you need to buy time." Please be sure to double check the items before using them. , I suggest you put your receipt or order number can be found in your order confirmation or delivery of the package can be found, you may also need to prove that the sale of the case, What is the return on our site?
If this product can not be repaired by mistake, you can return a free replacement or refund, according to our risk to bring us back to the guarantee. Otherwise, please contact us to discuss this issue, which is disruptive. Most of the time, we can provide technical assistance to solve these problems, you do not need to send anything.
Note: All returns must be made in advance by the company's Customer Service Department. Do I have to return items in the original packaging?
Items must be returned in original packaging, so we recommend that you keep your packaging for at least 7 days after purchase.
If you want to change a project's changes - for example, size, color - just send us an E-mail address. Once your application is approved for the exchange, you are, you refuse to receive the goods into our warehouse. Please note that you are responsible for all postage cost replacement procedures. Our policy of retreat / exchange is simple - we are responsible for everything, and if we do something wrong, other people, we do not
What are our refund policies?
When you complete a product, do not meet just send an error, defect or corrupted email for any reason to the relevant subject. Our customer service representatives will keep your order information as you receive a simple product refund statement. When you are ready to contact us. You have received your refund if you are processing a returned product. Payments will be returned to your original payment method (e.g., credit card, bank transfer, etc.)
Registration fee: This is a refund if the problem is not our fault, 25% of the purchase costs
the results. Can I get my shipping refund?
If you spend some of our mistakes, we order a credit for your order and any applicable shipping-and-handling fees.
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